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Saints in the Family

Forming Families of Disciples | Fostering Vocations

Saints in the Family is a program to coach parents in forming disciples of Jesus Christ in their children (with a focus on teenage children).

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Upcoming Sessions

Newcomers are welcome and encouraged!
You do NOT need to be a member of the Saints in the Family program to attend.

THURS, APRIL 6, 2017 | 7 – 9 pm
Session 4: For Parents & Teens

St. Frances Cabrini Parish, San Jose


Join Saints in the Family

ALL Catholic parents are invited to join in the Saints in the Family program, talks, and activities (you do not need to be a member of St. Frances Cabrini Parish)

Saints in the Family is a program to coach parents in forming disciples of Jesus Christ in their children (with a focus on teenage children).
This does not take the place of the faith formation programs.

By meeting four times a year (twice with parents alone, twice with parents and teens), parents will be supported in their work of encouraging and growing the faith of their children.

Saints in the Family Program Flyer

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Session Dates:

All sessions at St. Frances Cabrini

  • Thursday, Nov 17, 2016 (parents only)
  • Jan 5, 2017 (parents and teens)
  • Feb. 2, 2017 (parents only)
  • April 6, 2017 (parents and teens)

St. Frances Cabrini | 15333 Woodard Road | San Jose, CA 95124
Parish Contact: Joan Schenck


Other Locations:

Holy Korean Martyrs (Parish Contact: Mike Pak)

Please contact Mike Pak or the DSJ Vocations Office for more information.


Future Activities

  • Quarterly Parent Sessions for Discussion, Support, Prayer, and Speakers on important family topics
  • Bi-Annual Student Sessions
  • Monthly Calendar tracking family discipleship activities
  • Prayer, Mass, Adoration, etc. with other members of Saints in the Family
  • Family Fun Days – hiking, trips, socials, etc.
  • Parental support via email and newsletters
  • Resources, Tips on Discipleship, Vocations and Discernment
  • Retreats

Materials and Media

FORMED.orgFlyer with free access code

Vocations/Other Events for High School Youth (9th – 12th grade):



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St. Frances Cabrini, Session 3      (2/2/17)


Lectio Divina for Families

Lectio Divina activity by YDisciple:


St. Frances Cabrini, Session 2      (1/5/17)

Teens and Parents: How to Connect (with speaker Fr. Thomas Cavanaugh)

Do your teens complain you don’t understand them? Do you feel that you have trouble connecting with your teen?  Parents and teens (middle school and high school) are invited to this interactive session with Fr. Thomas Cavanaugh, a priest from Arlington, Virginia. Start off the new year by learning the practical tools to connect in ways that you didn’t think possible. The event is sponsored by the Diocese of San Jose Vocations Office.  Flyer: PDF | PNG


On blessing your children (by Neal Lozano): Will You Bless Me?

St. Frances Cabrini, Session 1      (11/16/16)

Resources Flyer

Daily Examen for Families

Nov 2016 – Jan 2017 Saints in the Family Calendars

Heroic Families Workshop Flyer

DSJ Vocations 2016-2017 Calendar




Holy Korean Martyrs, Session 3      (2/12/17)


HKM Session 3, Part 1
HKM Session 3, Part 2
HKM Session 3, Part 3
HKM Session 3, Part 4


Lectio Divina for Families

Evangelii Gaudium 152-153:

Spiritual reading:

152. There is one particular way of listening to what the Lord wishes to tell us in his word and of letting ourselves be transformed by the Spirit. It is what we call lectio divina. It consists of reading God’s word in a moment of prayer and allowing it to enlighten and renew us. This prayerful reading of the Bible is not something separate from the study undertaken by the preacher to ascertain the central message of the text; on the contrary, it should begin with that study and then go on to discern how that same message speaks to his own life. The spiritual reading of a text must start with its literal sense. Otherwise we can easily make the text say what we think is convenient, useful for confirming us in our previous decisions, suited to our own patterns of thought. Ultimately this would be tantamount to using something sacred for our own benefit and then passing on this confusion to God’s people. We must never forget that sometimes “even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light” (2 Cor 11:14).

153. In the presence of God, during a recollected reading of the text, it is good to ask, for example: “Lord, what does this text say to me? What is it about my life that you want to change by this text? What troubles me about this text? Why am I not interested in this? Or perhaps: What do I find pleasant in this text? What is it about this word that moves me? What attracts me? Why does it attract me?” When we make an effort to listen to the Lord, temptations usually arise. One of them is simply to feel troubled or burdened, and to turn away. Another common temptation is to think about what the text means for other people, and so avoid applying it to our own life. It can also happen that we look for excuses to water down the clear meaning of the text. Or we can wonder if God is demanding too much of us, asking for a decision which we are not yet prepared to make. This leads many people to stop taking pleasure in the encounter with God’s word; but this would mean forgetting that no one is more patient than God our Father, that no one is more understanding and willing to wait. He always invites us to take a step forward, but does not demand a full response if we are not yet ready. He simply asks that we sincerely look at our life and present ourselves honestly before him, and that we be willing to continue to grow, asking from him what we ourselves cannot as yet achieve.


Holy Korean Martyrs, Session 2      (11/13/16)


Watch the recorded session (2) on Youtube


Daily Examen for Families

Nov 16 – Jan 2017 Saints in the Family Calendars

DSJ Vocations 2016-2017 Calendar

Heroic Families Workshop Flyer


Holy Korean Martyrs, Session 1      (10/9/16)


Watch the recorded session (1) on YouTube

Fr. Joe’s Powerpoint Presentation 10/9/16


Saints in the Family Brochure

Parent Tools Pamphlet

October 2016 Saints in the Family Calendar Flyer
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