I am speechless, except for continued prayer with those who suffer.


From ElisiProductions YouTube channel:

I attended a mass service during lunch last Friday for those who have suffered in the Christchurch Earthquake.

The Arch Bishop of Wellington had sent out a letter to be read out during the liturgy which included a prayer titled “A Prayer After The Earthquake” by Diana Macalintal (who wrote the letter only recently after the Haiti Earthquake).

It was very fitting and moving, a prayer that summed up everyone during the service. It had brought me to tears as well as the Tourist beside who have most likely came from Christchurch and arrived in Wellington.

I had to share this for all of New Zealand no matter if you believe in God or not.

We are all work of His hands and shows through our care for Life.
Worth more than buildings, more than our work places, more than the land we stand on.

I continue to think and pray for all those who have died and persist to pray for all of us to get through such dark times. We can only shine from here.

God is great,

Posted in Prayers and Blessings on March 2, 2011 by macalintal