New Paths for Healing: One Day Grief Retreat at YOUR PARISH

With the participation of a minimum of 8 people, Catholic Cemeteries-Diocese of San Jose will bring to your parish its popular“New Paths for Healing: A grief Journey”

Join us for a day of reflection; encountering the presence of God in your daily life in the midst of grieving. The day will include prayer, reflection, opportunities to share and hands-on activities to explore the ways in which grief and God color our lives. This is a diverse retreat for all of those grieving a loss whether recent or not. No matter what type, be it through death, loss of a job, or significant relationship.

We bring our experienced team to your facility. All that is required is table and chairs to accommodate the participants.

We also have all of the supplies, materials, coffee, water and box lunches AND a commitment to help those on the grief journey.


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