With great appreciation for work well done, I congratulate Tim Brosnan on the announcement of his retirement as President of Archbishop Mitty High School. Having built up a strong spirit of community among students, faculty, staff, parents, and benefactors, Mr. Brosnan leaves a strong legacy for which the community is most grateful. His contribution of over 30 years to Catholic education has created competitive academic programs, transformed facilities to state of the art and created a financially strong institution at Archbishop Mitty in the Diocese of San Jose. Mr. Brosnan has truly made an impact and we honor his commitment.

The timing of Mr. Brosnan’s announcement allows for the community to appropriately express its gratitude to him and for Mr. Brosnan to take stock of the good work that God has done through his efforts over the past thirty years at Mitty High School. May this time bring a sense of deep satisfaction and gratitude to God for his many blessings upon Mr. Brosnan’s work at Mitty.

In the next several months, our Catholic School Superintendent, Jennifer Beltramo, will work with the Mitty Board to conduct a search for Mr. Brosnan’s replacement. I am confident that the strong legacy Tim leaves behind will attract many qualified applicants.

As Mitty is the only Diocesan Catholic High School in the Diocese of San José, I look forward to our continued collaboration and to maintaining a strong relationship with the Mitty Community.

Bishop Oscar Cantú

Bishop of San Jose