Restorative Justice Council

As members of the Restorative Justice Council for the Diocese of San Jose, we commit ourselves to work for the promotion of justice and peace, serving as an advisory board to the diocesan office of Restorative Justice.  In our world, we strive to make a difference rooted in faith.  We advocate for victims and their families, for offenders and their families, and for all who are affected by the criminal justice system. We advocate the rebuilding of relationships that have been broken by crime and the insertion of restorative justice principles into the criminal justice system itself.  Guided by the principles of biblical justice, Catholic social teaching, and the life experience of those who are or who have been victims of injustice, we hope to create a more just and compassionate society.


America G. Aguirre Catholic Charities of Santa Clara Valley
Rev. Mike Carson, Chair Queen of Apostles
Sister Maryann Cantlon, CSJ, Ex Officio Diocese of San Jose
Deacon Harry Collins St. Lucy
Pattie Cortese St. Francis of Assisi
Doug Harper, Vice Chair St. Christopher
Barbara Harper St. Christopher
Terry McCaffrey St. Thomas Aquinas
Joseph P. Milioto Holy Family
Rubén Solorio Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County, Most Holy Trinity
Annie Steward, Secretary Queen of Apostles
Margarita Tran St. Leo the Great
Thomas Walsh St. Christopher

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