Fair Trade

Fair Trade
Fair Trade is a trading partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect, which seeks greater equity in international trade.

ft_logo_03It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers, especially in the south. Fair Trade organizations backed by consumers are actively engaged in supporting producers, in raising awareness, and in campaigning for changes in the rules and practices of conventional international trade.

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Fair Trade Criteria include:

  • A Fair wage or return for producers
  • Building long term relationships between trader and producer
  • Engaging in environmentally sustainable practices
  • Public accountability and transparency in trade
  • Providing financial and technical assistance to producers
  • Raising awareness in consumers so that they engage in ‘ethical consumption’
  • Advocating for equity in conventional trading rules and practices


  • 200 million people in low income countries depend on coffee for their income
  • The Fair Trade market now surpasses a billion dollars a year
  • As of 2008 over 5 million producers and their families benefited from Fair Trade
  • USA Fair Trade Federation includes around 300 businesses
  • There are over 40,000 Fair Trade outlets in the US
  • International Fair Trade Association has members in over 70 countries
  • The Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) is one of the largest international social economic certification bodies in the world.
  • Fair Trade products include almost all foods, including sugar, tea, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, nuts, creamers, sweeteners, olive oil, as well as tableware, paper products, soaps, soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs, rugby balls,  wines, and all kinds of crafts

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