Resumption of Public Masses



Guidelines & Resources

The resumption of public ministry in parishes, schools and other Catholic ministerial locations must be done in a manner that provides spiritual and temporal care to the people of the Diocese of San Jose and meets all the Department of Public Health requirements. There must be proper safeguards to prevent infection. Consequently, there will be limitations imposed on practices and procedures that have been normative in the past.

This page contains information and resources that will help parishes and schools return to ministry safely and reverently.

We will continue to update this page with new materials and translations. Please check again soon.


These three documents below will provide all the details to begin preparing your site, staff and ministers. Please make sure that everyone is familiar with the different plans. These documents are for INTERNAL USE ONLY. There are other materials on this page that are intended for external audiences.


This document will help Church leadership and administration prepare and verify that all steps have been taken to return safely to our Churches. You will find on this webpage al the documents mentioned in the checklist.


  POSTINGS   : There are certain signs that we are required to post before opening our churches. Please make sure that everything in this category is posted in a visible place.

  FLOOR MARKINGS   : Social Distancing floor markers help keep members of our community physically distant and safe. There are many vendors that carry decal markers. Here are some samples and vendors:



  PROTOCOL   : Every location must fill out the Social Distancing Protocol and review and provide a copy to each employee. They must also review and provide a copy of Prevent the Spread of COVID-19.

  TRAINING   : As part of this reopening process, all employees and volunteers are required to complete a mandatory COVID-19 training session. Employees and volunteers must do the following prior to returning:


During this time, supplies might not be as readily available as in normal times. Adequate stock of needed supplies is crucial to protect our community. Below is a list of Supplies suggested by the Office of Facilities & Risk Management. For questions contact Ian Abell at


It is crucial for you as a parish leader to take an active role in educating parishioners on what to expect and what each member needs to do in order to keep the community safe. These procedures are new for all of us and we rely greatly on the cooperation of each member of the community to keep everyone safe. Below are some educational materials for your use:

  •  POSTERS/FLYERS :  with Infographics – We offer 3 different versions that describe new procedures and expectations. We tested printing these different sizes at Costco Photo Center and they were inexpensive and of very good quality. Click on the language to access all materials in different sizes: 8x12 | 12x18 | 16x20 | 8.5x11 PDF. ENGLISH | SPANISH | VIETNAMESE 
  •  SOCIAL MEDIA GRAPHICS : We offer 2 versions, each sized for Facebook (FB) and Instagram (IG) – ENGLISH | SPANISH | VIETNAMESE
  •  VIDEO   : “What to Expect as you Return to Mass” Video – English  | Spanish  |  Vietnamese
  • Video Script (for those who would like to produce their own video)
  • Sample Letter for Parishioners

For questions, contact the Office of Communications


Every parish community is different and the way each will choose to manage attendance will vary greatly. Here are some options to explore if your parish is interested in using a Mass Attendance Management System. We strongly recommend you first consider options through your online giving provider so that you have an integrated system. 

  • EventZilla – Free service. This is also the Diocesan preferred vendor.
  • EventBrite – Free service. This is also a good option, but has some limitations.
  • Perfectly Distanced – This is a PAID system, $100 per month.  If you do not have someone to help administer mass attendance, this would be a good option. 

Download EventZilla and EventBrite comparative information.

For further questions, please contact the Technology Office at


Here you will find different resources from the CDC and County of San Clara that you may choose to use.