Here is one thing that is sure to bring a smile to everyone at Presentation High School: When our students leave us after four years and one day, we notice that they continue to serve their community just like they did when they were here. Annika Lang, Presentation High School ‘19, is responsible for our latest smile!

Annika started volunteering with Casa de Clara when taking a Moral Theology Class at Presentation and became very engaged. Casa de Clara is a house of hospitality for women and children. They also provide a hot shower program for men and women living on the streets, food distribution, and a safe parking program for those living in their cars.  Anika was so moved by this volunteer experience that she continued to be engaged even after graduating, finding new ways to serve a community that became close to her heart. The need is always great, and the help is always welcome!

Recently, Annika found a fantastic way to use her God-given artistic talent to brighten lives at Casa de Clara. She created a beautiful mural on their shower supply shed and what once was dull and beige, now shines and brings the backyard to life.

Thank you, Annika, for giving back to our community and continuing in the same path of service to others.