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I have to admit, God,
that sometimes it’s hard
to even call your name.
On those days I can’t help but think
that if you had been there,
I wouldn’t be here—

—Here in a world where
a picture, a place,
a smell, a sound
brings me back to that awful day
when everything changed.

—Here where sleep no longer is welcome
for that’s when the nightmares come
and I wake in tears.

But here is where I need you,
and here is where I cry to you.
Be here with me, Lord, be here.

Let me not be a prisoner of the past,
but allow me to remember its joy.
Help me to trust in tomorrow
by showing me how to live in today.

Let me be angry for what had been done,
but don’t let me be consumed by it
that I no longer recognize myself.

Unbind me from the bonds of grief and fear
that I may become again
the person you created me to be—
a person of joy, of love, of trust, and hope.

And if there’s at all any room in my heart to forgive,
then so let it be,
for we all need joy, we all need love,
we all need trust and hope.

Be here with me, Lord, be here,
right where I am and here as I am.
Be here with me, Lord, be here.


Copyright © 2010, Diana Macalintal
Photo: by Patrick Ashley, courtesy of Flickr, CC BY 2.0


Posted in Prayers and Blessings on September 21, 2011 by macalintal