Bart-I-will-adopt-best-pracA goal of the Catechetical Advisory Board is to provide best practices for parent formation and sacramental preparation that develop a Catholic identity and discipleship. Another goal is to provide best practices for catechist recruitment, formation, certification and affirmation and spiritual growth.

The following best practices have been chosen in consultation with the catechetical clusters:

• Engaging Parents in their Family’s Faith Formation
• Sacramental Preparation
• Catechist Recruitment, Formation and Appreciation

These lists also include selected best practices from parish catechetical leaders who are members of NCCL. The Catechetical Advisory Board invites you to review these best practices and find something new and have a conversation with your catechists on how this best practice can enhance your ministry. You will find events, resources and creative ideas listed in these best practices.

Posted on January 7, 2013 by scherbart