• Vice Principal
  • Campbell, CA
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Position Overview

The Vice Principal is responsible for establishing a formative environment and quality teaching in which students achieve an overall integral formation and meet standards of academic excellence. The Vice Principal is also responsible for promoting human formation and maintaining discipline within the school, encouraging students to accept and follow school rules out of personal conviction. This means to know, love, and imitate Jesus Christ. The Vice Principal works to develop a trusting, united team of teachers that work together to ensure the success of every student. The Vice Principal carries out the job responsibilities with the awareness that he or she is above all an apostle of Christ.

Specific Responsibilities

Planning & Management

  • Report regularly to, and communicate effectively with, the principal.
  • Oversee the implementation of the Integral Formation® method of education and implementation of the approved RC Curriculum.
  • Assist the principal in the development of the school calendar and class schedules.
  • Meet weekly (or on a regular schedule) with direct reports.
  • Schedule and assist with administering standardized testing and supporting the principal with analyzing and monitoring progress of standardized testing.
  • Schedule with the chaplain, weekly mass and yearly retreats for middle school students.


  • Coordinate and assist teachers with implementing the RC Curriculum.
  • Meet with teachers every other week one-to-one to coach and support their efforts in all aspects of instruction.
  • Ensure that teachers are implementing effective classroom management and teaching methods, assessment tools, and assigning appropriate amounts of homework and quality projects.
  • Support the middle school faculty with providing differentiated learning opportunities for students and implementing new instructional resources.
  • Assist the principal in building a strong faculty that is capable and committed to integrally forming the students and achieving academic excellence.
  • Assist the principal in the integration of faculty and staff into the mission of the school and in building a strong culture of charity and teamwork.
  • Implement an effective program of performance management and professional development for faculty and staff.
  • Coordinate and providing substitute teachers, as required.
  • Oversee selection and supply of teacher and student resources.
  • Be present at recess and lunch periods to supervise and support the teachers in maintaining order and to observe the progress of the students.
  • Under direction of the principal, plan and lead grade-level meetings.
  • Provide input on recommended improvements to the program of education.


  • Monitor student performance and achievement, ensuring that students acquire a broad, organized knowledge of the subjects offered and appropriate intellectual habits using the
  • RC Curriculum as a guide
  • Endeavor to know each student, and provide personalized attention, formation, and leadership opportunities.
  • Support the sixth-grade students with adjusting to the middle school expectations and curriculum.
  • Support the eighth grade students with the private high school application process
  • Ensure student discipline in the school is consistent and that formative and motivational methods are employed.
  • Contribute to overall student satisfaction with the school program
  • Monitor class changes and transitions to ensure they take place in an orderly and timely manner.
  • Monitor the classrooms, corridors, and other school facilities to ensure safety, cleanliness, and order.
  • Ensure students are properly attired in the school uniform.


  • Support sixth grade parents with adjusting to the middle school expectations/curriculum.
  • Support eighth grade parents with the high school application process.
  • Provide timely, quality, and effective family/school communication.
  • Assist in the organization of regular parent/teacher conferences.
  • Motivate the teachers and staff to maintain regular, professional, and positive communications with parents.
  • Assist the principal in increasing overall parent satisfaction with the school and achieving family retention goals.


  • 5 Years Middle School Classroom Teaching Experience preferred.
  • 3-4 Years of Administrative/Teacher Leadership Experience preferred.
  • Education: Master’s Degree in Education from an accredited college or university preferred.
  • Professional License/Specialized Training: CA Clear Teaching Credential.
  • Strong Classroom Management skills and understanding of Differentiated Learning Opportunities.
  • Ability to organize and communicate information and adapt to changing work priorities for effective execution of the program.
  • Practicing and informed Catholic in communion with the Holy Roman Catholic Church who knows and follows the precepts of the Church.

How to Apply: Applicants interested in the role are directed to please email Dr. Analiza Filion, Principal of Canyon
Heights Academy, at afilion@chamail.net. With your formal application, please send a cover letter expressing your interest and resume.

Salary Range: $75,000 – $95,000 per year based on education and experience.