Cristo Rey San José Jesuit High School is hiring for a full-time English Teacher for the 2022-2023 school year. The position will be teaching 5 sections in the English department. All teachers will be granted a standard prep period plus additional prep time due to our unique Corporate Work Study Program.

Cristo Rey is a Jesuit, Catholic high school that empowers students from underserved communities in San José to be men and women for others who are prepared spiritually, academically, and professionally to complete college and who will become accomplished leaders committed to a lifelong pursuit of learning, faith, and justice.

Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit High School teachers will consistently work as a team to model and help all students reach the characteristics of the Cristo Rey San Jose Graduate at Graduation: loving, open to growth, committed to faith, striving for justice, and intellectually and professionally engaged. This includes:
1. Personally modeling and simultaneously empowering students to live out Ignatian values of faith, service, and commitment to social justice.
2. Instilling in students the growth mindset of the harder you work, the more your intelligence grows
3. Promoting and assessing student ownership of learning by developing students’ self-discipline, study skills, persistence, and delayed gratification
4. Fostering a classroom culture of respect, honesty, and integrity
5. Developing meaningful opportunities in class for student leadership and growth of self confidence
6. Incorporating reading and writing skills daily
7. Creating opportunities for students to utilize complex reasoning strategies and problem solving skills
8. Consistently engages in work with positivity and adapts to the student and institutional needs with openness
9. Reinforcing professionalism and Corporate Work Study Program skills like precision and accuracy, computing, and time management
10. Teaching key content knowledge for given subject

1. Instructional Practice & Student Development
● Plan for instruction of assigned courses in the content area by developing annual, unit, and lesson
plans aligned with the Cristo Rey Network’s standards-based curriculum and the individual needs
of their students.
● Set high expectations for student development and ensure all students develop grade-level
proficiency to prepare for success in college.
● Design a comprehensive program to support academic, social, emotional, spiritual, physical,
moral, and character development of every student. Promote student development of the whole
person — mind, body, and spirit.
● Identify and remediate subject matter in which students require additional support. Identify and
provide extension activities for students who are ready to progress.
● Develop interim benchmarks and assessments linked to course standards and work with other
faculty and administrators to analyze results and refocus instruction based on student needs.
● Differentiate instruction to allow students with differing learning styles to access course content.
● Utilize classroom technology to engage students’ learning.
2. Leadership and Collaboration
All teachers are expected to participate in the following:
● Serve as an advisor to a small group of students one day a week; help students to navigate their developmental journey during their time at Cristo Rey.
● Serve as a moderator of student clubs and activities or a coach of athletic teams as needed. Serve as a chaperone/leader of field trips, immersion experiences, retreats, Christian Service
opportunities, and other activities.
● Understand and appreciate the developmental and educational benefits of the school’s Corporate Work Study Program.
● Develop relationships with and meet the individual needs of each student consistent with the school’s belief in cura personalis, or “care for the whole individual.” Makes referrals to school leaders and counseling teams to identify and support students who are struggling behaviorally or emotionally.
● Participate in departmental and grade-level meetings to coordinate curriculum across the content area and better understand student needs.
● Communicate regularly with parents/families to share academic progress and develop a supportive home-school relationship.
● Host office hours during, supporting struggling learners or offering learning extensions for students.
3. Organization-wide Learning & Development
● Understand your own teaching practice as developmental. Tap into available resources from colleagues and external sources to continually reflect on and improve your teaching.
● Participate in the school’s professional learning community and instructional coaching, collaborating with colleagues to analyze student work and teaching practice. Help to create a reflective learning organization for both students and adults. Serve as a catalyst for improvement in your own classroom and school-wide.
1. Participate in the school’s Adult Faith Formation program, committing to living and supporting the
Catholic, Jesuit mission of the school through continuous spiritual and personal growth and by
serving as a leader of faith, service, and justice for our students.
2. Serving as a chaperone at some athletic and co-curricular events.
3. Serving as a prefect for lunch or break times.
4. Other duties as assigned by the Principal or the Supervisor.

1. Bachelor’s degree with relevant major, Master’s degree, Teaching Credential, and/or professional
2. Ability to use teaching technologies, online and in person
3. Successful clearance of a background check, CANRA and any other state and federal requirements

1. Stand or sit for long periods of time.
2. Speak clearly so listeners can understand.
3. Understand the speech of another person.
4. Hear sounds and recognize the difference between them.
5. See details of objects that are less than a few feet away.
6. See details of objects that are more than a few feet away.
7. Use one or two hands to grasp, move, or assemble objects.

● Range between $67,601 and $124,628 on a salary schedule based on education and years of
experience. Contract is 10 months.
Send resumé, cover letter, application questions, and references to Christina Dickson, Director of Human Resources at . Accepting applications until position is filled.
Application questions:
1. How will you model the Mission and Vision of Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit High School?
2. How do you measure your students’ success?
3. What does justice and equity in the classroom look like to you?

Cristo Rey San Jose is dedicated to both the letter and the spirit of the equal employment opportunity
laws. Employment decisions will not be made on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry,
physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, marital status, sex (including pregnancy,
childbirth, or related medical conditions), age or sexual orientation, military or veteran status or political
affiliation. Employment decisions based on religious preferences and other religious needs may be made
in accordance with applicable law. Cristo Rey also prohibits discrimination on the basis of these
protected classifications.

To apply for this job email your details to