• Liturgy and Pastoral Care Ministry
  • San Jose, CA

Mission Statement:

Saint John Vianney Parish (SJV) located in San Jose, California, is joyfully and firmly committed to the New Evangelization.[1] When our pastor, Father Joe Kim, arrived at Saint John Vianney on July 1, 2020, he shared two deeply held convictions; first,that Jesus is truly present in the Holy Eucharist; second, by the presence of Jesus at St. John Vianney, every member of the parish, not just the clergy, is called to evangelize the world through their daily witness of living in and being the love of Jesus, and through intentional relationships that lead people to Jesus in the Eucharist.

At Saint John Vianney people are radically transformed through encountering Christ, loving Christ, and serving Christ. By the power of the Holy Spirit, St. John Vianney Parish will itself be transformed as it evangelizes others. Through the ministry of Fr. Joe and his leadership, and by the primacy of evangelization, Saint John Vianney will become an even more vibrant, active, engaging community for people to have a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ, and a home for ever deepening faith.

The creation of the DME position directly arises from the St. John Vianney Parish Council Plan and is in its actuation responsive to that plan. The DME will thus work in close collaboration with the Parish Council and report to it on a regular basis work being done to fulfill the Plan. The position has been reviewed and endorsed by the Parish Council.


 The DME reports to and works in close collaboration with the pastor in sustaining and growing the parish’s mission and its ministry of evangelization within and outside the parish. The DME is the primary staff member at the parish and school for facilitating and guiding the parish’s kerygma, exegesis, catechesis, and spirit of parish life in all its aspects under the pastor’s guidance and within their ministry and administration.

The DME will work with the pastor in visioning, developing, planning, implementing, evaluating, and budgetarily supporting ministries of the parish that advance the mission and expand its evangelical effect, including religious education at the school.

The DME will develop and sustain activities, workshops, classes, retreats, small faith groups, studies, and ministries with a strong focus on evangelization. At the school, the DME will develop and deliver religious education curriculum and extracurricular opportunities to evangelize students and their families. The DME is also responsible for faith formation of the school staff and their catechetical knowledge.


In direct collaboration with the pastor, the DME will: 

  • Guides the evangelical mission of the parish and school that the Parish Council determines and the Parish Leadership Team executes with the Pastor and Principal;
  • Sets and runs the strategic conversations of the weekly Parish Leadership Team meetings
  • Oversees the creation and execution of communication according to the evangelization schedule throughout the year set by the Parish Leadership Team (consistent messaging from all forms of parish and school communication)
  • Develop, grow and support the proliferation of small faith groups (Alpha, Grow-Your-Faith-Together post-Alpha small groups, Unbound prayer team, Bible studies) working with the Parish Director of Faith Formation, Parish Youth Minister, School Director of Campus Ministry
  • Works with the Evangelization Team in executing evangelization retreats;
  • Oversee coordinator of in-residence faith community of teachers, social service workers, and ministers residing in the parish;
  • Evaluate the efficacy of evangelization ministries, faith programs, and catechesis, and provide feedback to pastor;
  • Works with Pastor to ensure that all parish offices are coordinated in effective fulfillment of the parish mission.
  • All other duties as assigned by the pastor


The DME also collaborates with the Vicar for Evangelization and ensures alignment on overall directions, plans, and programs.

 Other Responsibilities:

  • Accountability for Managing Children and Vulnerable Adults: Direct and constant interaction with children in groups and with individual children.  Helps children achieve optimum level of personal and social adjustment/social-emotional health.
  • Accountability for Cost Management and Financial Records: Routinely participate in the proper management of financial assets (cash management, books, supplies, etc.) and proper recording of various transactions.  (Volunteer corps program – monthly stewardship).
  • Accountability for Revenue (Enrollment and Donations): Indirectly contributes to achievement of enrollment goals for the school.
  • Leadership/Team Membership (Role to lead or work as a member in a team to establish cooperative work relationships and achieve team goals): Role to lead teams by providing direction, delegating, and monitoring progress.  Resolve conflicts of internal and external parties.
  • Decision-making; Judgment:  Complex decision-making and judgment done independently with high impact on individuals, groups, or the school in general.
  • Complexity of Work (Control over work standards, availability of guidance and support, degree of difficulties and obstacles encountered to deliver output, etc.): Work requiring understanding of concepts, theories, principles, and practices to lead in the achievement of school goals.
  • Working Relationship (The nature and impact of internal and external interaction with people. The need to influence, persuade, negotiate, inspire and motivate etc.):  Internal and external relationships at all levels are crucial.   Parochial Vicar will work with DME on various projects related to ministry.


  • Will directly supervise 2-3 staff and will indirectly supervise 2-3 staff


  • Education, Training, Certification: A bachelor’s degree in religion, administration, or social services.  Certification for catechism is required. Master’s in theology is preferable.
  • Work Experience: Five years’ experience leading a Catholic organization;
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills (presentation skills, influencing skills)
    • Relational ability to collaborate closely with the pastor ;
    • Effective interpersonal relationship skills
    • Demonstrated evidence of collaborative teamwork;
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Language Skills: Bi-lingual preferred (English and Spanish or Vietnamese)
  • Technical Skills:
    • Microsoft Office Apps
    • Basic Social Media Skills
    • Basic Financial Skills (reading budgets, etc)
  • Others
    • Strong personal relationship with Jesus and a deep love for His Church;
    • Identifiable Catholic spirit of evangelization;
    • Servant leader who practices in the model of Jesus and His apostles;
    • Concrete knowledge of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and Social and Moral Doctrine;
    • Must be in the communion of the Catholic Church and intentionally living out the five precepts of the Church (CCC 2041-2043);



  • Work environment: Little or occasional exposure to hazards or physical risks.
  • Physical Demands:
    • Physical work is less than 20% of the time spent on the job.
    • Can lift up to 10 lbs. in compliance with safety standards

Pay Rate: $23.07/hr

How To Apply: Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to joe.kim@dsj.org

To apply for this job email your details to joe.kim@dsj.org