We Are Thomas

“Unless I see the mark of the nails in His hands and put my finger into the nail marks and put my hand into His side, I will not believe.”

The disciple, Thomas, upon hearing that the others had seen Jesus after His death, was in denial of the possibility that the Lord had risen and walked away from death. Perhaps it was a way for him to suppress his feelings of joy and hope of the possibility that Jesus had come back to be with them, and that they would no longer need to hide in fear. Maybe, out of avoiding false hopes and getting his heart broken, Thomas inclined to choose not to believe until he himself had proven of Jesus’ resurrection.

More often, we see the “doubting” Thomas as someone who should have had more faith in Jesus. But his negative approach to the situation reminds us how often we become true disciples of our Lord.

We live in faith trying to survive the struggles we have in our lives (ie. jobs, relationships, family, school and even faith itself). There are times we don’t find the answers that we seek in our prayers or even the peace that we long for that we expect to find in God.

Little do we know, as we continue to go through these life difficulties, not seeing but still believing, we slowly come to accept and understand ourselves as Christians. As we continue to pray and seek His light even in the midst of confusion or uncertainties, we slowly experience a deeper faith in God.

Jesus calls us to believe even if we don’t see His whole plan for us. He reminds us, as the Lord of our lives, we should trust in Him even if we only see bits and pieces of God’s will in our lives.

In this time of Easter, the time of rejuvenated faith, let us continue to ask God to show us the way. In the uncertainties of our lives, let us ask the Lord to keep us in the loop and provide us hope in the beauty of His plans for us.

Do you recognize the Lord’s presence in your lives and do you receive His word with faith?

Lord Jesus, You are the Resurrection and the Life. Increase our faith in the power of Your love through the truth that You have returned for us! May we always believe in Your presence so that we may have eternal life in Your name.