All   youth and adults—Scouts or non-Scouts, Catholic or non-Catholic, male or female—are welcome to participate in the Religious Activity Programs.

NCCGSCFThe following Patch requirements and ordering may be found at the National Catholic Committee for Girl Scouts USA and Camp Fire USA.

Women in Scripture
The Women in Scripture series focus on individuals who lived lives of courage and faithfulness. These women often fanned the flame of faith in their families and communities and were the backbone of the church and faith since the very beginning of Jesus’ ministry. Learn more about these strong faith-filled women.

Models of Faith
Throughout the long tradition of the Catholic Church, women and men have been inspired by the Holy Spirit to stand up for the faith in the midst of great trials and at deep personal  risk. Learn more about these great Models of Faith.

CCoSThe following Patch requirements and ordering may be found at the National Catholic Committee on Scouting.

The Rosary Series
The Rosary Series will focus on a different set of Mysteries of the Holy Rosary and an activity describing how to pray the rosary. This is an opportunity for the youth and adults alike to learn more about their faith.  There are 5 activities in all. They are the Joyful Mysteries, Luminous  Mysteries, Sorrowful Mysteries, Glorious Mysteries and Pray the  Rosary. A beautiful 5″ diameter patch is available with each  activity.

The Footsteps of American Saints
The Footsteps of American Saints program is a series of religious activities that encourages youth to learn about several individuals who have shaped the landscape of Catholicism in America. Through a knowledge of the lives of these Saints and Blesseds it is hoped that participants will be inspired to imitate their heroic virtues and follow in their footsteps.  A patch with the saint’s likeness is available for each activity. 

The Marian Activity Series
Each activity in this series examines one of the nineteen Marian Feasts Commemorated in the United States, focusing on how and why the Church has honored Mary for more than 2,000 years. 

International Catholic Awareness
This activity is being offered by The International Catholic Conference of Scouting (ICCS) in recognition of demonstrated awareness of Scouting in the Catholic Church throughout the world.   It contributes to the complete education of young people through Scouting from the perspective of the Catholic faith. It develops and enhances the spiritual dimension of Scouting in the World Scout Movement. Depending on age, the Scout may earn a pin or medallion.