Religious programs are available to Catholic youth. Age appropriate activities are done from workbooks, with the guidance of a religious program counselor.  The activities help young people grow in their faith, and allow them to explore their role in their family life, parish community and local communities.  A scout may participate in one or more religious program during their scouting/Camp Fire career.

All young people who are interested in participating in a religious program can follow the guidelines below.

  1. Decide which program is appropriate.  See the descriptions of the programs below.
  2. Purchase the workbook for the program.  Each participant will require his/her own workbook. Workbooks may NOT be copied.
  3. Contact the CCS member listed below for further assistance in the programs.  Some programs require that the participant work with a registered religious program counselor. Parents and Leaders may apply as counselor.
  4. Complete all requirements in the workbook by the deadline to qualify for the recognition ceremony. Emblems for BSA/Venture/Explorers may also require completing a board of review.
  5. The Cub Scout and younger Girl Scout/Camp Fire/AHG programs typically take 3-4 months to complete.  The Scouts BSA and older Girl Scout/Camp Fire/AHG programs can take from 5-6 months to complete.
  6. Complete the application form in the workbook, which requires the signatures of the participant, a parent, and the pastor.  Send the completed application form, and the required fees for the medals, to the contact person listed below.  The contact person will know the current cost of the medals.
  7. There is a diocesan fee for each applicant.  This fee covers all Religious Medals, Religious Program Patches, certificate, and ceremony.  Contact the CCS member listed below for current fee. Program booklets fees are the responsibility of each applicant.

Who to contact regarding Scouting in the Diocese of San Jose
For more information on Catholic Scouting programs for members of Boy Scouts of America, please contact Ann Resch.
For more information on Catholic Scouting programs for members of Girl Scouts, American Heritage Girls, Camp Fire and other youth serving organizations, please contact Moira Delumpa.


GOD IS LOVE (Lion Cubs) Students discover an appreciation that God created, cares for, and loves us all.  (NOTE:  GOD IS LOVE Activity Books must be purchased at the NFCYM Online Store.)

(Tiger Cubs & Wolf Cub Scouts)

This program helps younger boys and girls develop a personal relationship with Jesus. He comes to see Jesus as a person and his friend.

(Bear Cub Scouts & Webelos Scouts)

Young boys and girls explore a wide range of activities in which they discover the presence of God in their daily lives as members of their families and parishes. Parvuli Dei is latin for Children of God.

(Scouts BSA 7th grade and older; young men and women in Venturing program)

This program studies the Sacraments.  Scouts grow to recognize that sacramental encounters with Christ help them to develop a fuller Christian way of life. Ad Altare Dei is latin for to the altar of God.

(High School age Scouts BSA; young men and women in Venturing program)

Participants examine Christian daily life and are challenged to explore church ministries and vocations.  Young adults are encouraged to share their faith with peers through discussion and reflection. During World War II, 1939—45, and for nearly twenty years after, Pope Pius XII was almost universally regarded as a saintly man, a scholar, a man of peace, a tower of strength, and a compassionate defender and protector of all victims of the war and genocide that had drowned Europe in blood for six years. At the end of the war Western nations paid tribute to his steadfast efforts on behalf of the oppressed. Jews heaped praise on him for his help in their darkest hour and, at his death thirteen years later, they were among the first to express sorrow and gratitude for his solicitude for Jews during the Holocaust.

Activity Books for the above may be purchased at your local BSA store or online at


GOD IS LOVE (Kinder & 1st grades) 
Students discover an appreciation that God created, cares for, and loves us all.

FAMILY OF GOD  (2nd & 3rd grades) 
Children explore a wide range of family and parish activities in order to discover the presence of God in their daily lives.

I LIVE MY FAITH  (Grade 4-6)
This program focuses activities around the participant’s developing awareness of her/his growth as a person, friend, family member, citizen and believer of faith.

MARIAN MEDAL  (Grade 7-10)
Program participants gain an understanding of Mary as the model of openness and spirituality.  The program helps young people develop a Christian spirit of hope and faith through projects, discussion and liturgical celebrations.

SPIRIT ALIVE  (Grade 9-12)
This program assists participants in discovering how the Holy Spirit moves in their lives, calling them to greater participating in Church ministry.

MISSIO  (Grade 11-12)
This program invites young people to explore discipleship and their own religious identity.

Activity Books for the above may be purchased at the NFCYM Online Store.