The Bronze Pelican Award
The Catholic Committee on Scouting for the Diocese of San Jose provides the Bronze Pelican Award to men and women as recognition for contributing directly to the spiritual nourishment of Catholic boys and girls in the Scouting movement.  The Pelican has been used as a liturgical symbol since the early days of Christianity.  It denotes the tender care of the young by the parent and by the Church.  As such, it is an appropriate symbol for those who give of themselves to the spiritual development of boys and girls in the formation as Christian leaders. | Nomination Form

The St. George Emblem
The St. George Emblem is awarded to members of the laity and clergy, Scouters and non-Scouters alike, who have made significant and outstanding contributions to the spiritual development of Catholic  youths through Scouting. | Nomination Form

The Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Award
The St. Elizabeth Ann  Seton recognition  was inaugurated in  1980 to recognize  the meritorious  contributions of adults  who serve Catholic  youth through Girl  Scouts and Camp Fire.  This medal affirms  the work of those who  help youth develop  their spiritual lives  within the context of  these organizations. It is ordinarily received  before the St. Anne Medal is earned, but is not a  requirement for receiving the St. Anne Medal. | Nomination Form

The Saint Anne Medal
The St. Anne Medal is  the highest national  recognition for adults  who serve Catholic  youth through Girl  Scouts and Camp  Fire. The recognition  was inaugurated in  1957. The purposes  of the St. Anne  recognition are to  honor the outstanding  services of adults who contribute to the spiritual  development of Catholic young people in these  organizations and to further Catholic adult  leadership in youth ministry through these  national youth-serving organizations. | Nomination Form

The National Catholic Unit Excellence Award
Cooperation, development, and program are the key words in the recognition of BSA Catholic chartered units in earning the National Catholic Unit Excellence Award – Pope Paul VI. The adult leadership responds to training not only in Scouting lores, but training in Catholic Scouter Development, and religious counseling. The Scouts in each Pack, Troop, Team, and Crew/Ship respond by participating in the religious emblems program respective of their status in Scouting. | Nomination Form