The Mission of the Gabriel Project:
The Gabriel Project is a parish based ministry that serves any pregnant woman who is feeling alone, afraid and in need of support for herself and her unborn baby.
The Gabriel Project brings to these frightened pregnant mothers the same comforting message in the Gospel of Luke that the Angel Gabriel announced Mary: “Fear not for God is with you! For nothing is impossible with God.”
This message is the core of the Gabriel Project ministry, which provides:
•    supportive personal mentorships
•    prayers and material assistance of parish communities
•    help in locating resources within the community

Are You Pregnant and in Need of Help? Do You Know Someone Who is Pregnant and Needs Help?
Please call our helpline #(408) 214-2324 to be connected with volunteers who are ready to walk with you through your pregnancy and beyond.

How the Gabriel Project Ministers to Pregnant Mothers in Need:
The Gabriel Project trains volunteers from within parish communities to support pregnant mothers. They walk with the mothers every step of the way through their pregnancies and beyond, providing them the ongoing personal care they need.
By employing the individual talents of parishioners and collaborating with other ministries and organizations in the parish, diocese and community, Gabriel Project volunteers stand ready to provide a pregnant mother with the assistance she needs to care for herself and her child.

The Need for this Ministry:
Many pregnant mothers in our communities feel loneliness, a sense of isolation, and fear of rejection and abandonment from those closest to them.  In considering her new situation, a pregnant woman may also feel overwhelmed by the prospect of being a parent but have no one to turn to for support.  Alone, faced with many obstacles, and unaware of the support and help available, she may believe abortion is her only choice.

The Goal of the Gabriel Project:
No pregnant mother within our parish boundaries should ever feel helpless and alone. As a Catholic community we are called to be the Body of Christ to these pregnant mothers by bringing them the hope and love of Jesus.
The Gabriel Project seeks to encourage a culture of Life within our wider community. The goal of the Gabriel Project volunteers is to be instruments of Our Lord and His Blessed Mother in opening the hearts of many to the grace of God and the gift of new life.