Premiums with exception of medical, dental and pension will be billed by the Chancery Office.

Automobile Insurance

  1. Diocesan Owned Vehicle
    • Owned and leased autos damaged as a result of a collision are covered subject to a $500 deductible. Subject automobiles are covered for fire and theft with a $4500 deductible. Medical payment coverage is afforded the drivers and occupants of the Diocesan automobiles, subject to a $5000 limit. An identification card, which will be supplied by the Administrators, should be placed in the glove compartment of each automobile.
      • All registration or “Pink Slips” must be on file at the Chancery Office (Loss Control & Prevention Office). All automobiles should be registered to the church, school or agency’s address. The LEGAL owner, however should be either “the Roman Catholic Bishop of San Jose, A Corporation Sole”, or the appropriate corporation involved with the address of the headquarters of that corporation, 1150 North 1st Street, Suite 100, San Jose, California, 95112-4966
  2. Personal Auto
    • Diocesan Clergy must provide their own insurance for all personally owned automobiles. Minimum limits of bodily injury of $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident and property damage of $50,000 per accident are required by Diocesan statutes.
  3. Religious Community Automobiles
    • Any religious community owned or leased autos in the Diocese should follow the same recommendations as outlined above for personally owned automobiles of Diocesan Clergy.

Change in properties, operations, or vehicles must be emailed to the Loss Control & Prevention Office at Forms have been designed to assist in the process.

Vehicle Policy & Forms