The purpose of the Loss Control and Prevention Office is to protect assets and prevent insurance losses to the Diocese in the most effective and economical way.

Our goal is to provide increased awareness for a safer and healthier environment and to correct unsafe conditions through education, training, and the reduction of claims which drives our insurance premiums.

Our current insurance program incorporates certain self insurance features which are intended to reduce our overall costs. Every parish, school and agency within the Diocese of San Jose is participating in the payments through their premiums. It means the cost of claims has a direct affect to the premiums we pay. The importance of compliance with our Loss Control & Prevention programs correlates with the reduction of total claims which has a direct impact on future insurance costs.

Announcements from the Office of Loss Control & Prevention

As the technology has become more affordable, parishes and schools have expressed increased interest in purchasing Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) to offer immediate aid to individuals suffering heart attacks.

Realizing that some have moved ahead without diocesan permission, we have been in contact with our insurers to find a path ahead that offers this vital service and, at the same time, protects the parishes and schools.

The attached documents outline a new policy and the procedures that are to be followed at any diocesan location that wishes to install AEDs.  Key among these are the training, record-keeping and proper maintenance.  It is essential that any parish or school or other institution contract directly with the approved third-party supplier, currently Cintas.

For information concerning the use of AED’s contact;
Ian Abell, Director of Facilities, Insurance and Risk Management
Office (408) 983-0223 or at email:

Theresa La Voun, Loss Control and Prevention Coordinator
Office (408) 983-0237 or at email:

Thank you for your attention to this memo and for the care you offer your people.

AED Policy
Master Agreement
Location Agreement(parish / school signature)
Cintas service description
DSJ Property Change Form

Insurance Program Quick Reference Guide

General Liability Resources

General Liability Forms

Proof of Insurance
TULIP Application and Outside User Agreement
Incident Reports – Non Employee, Burglary, Property Damage, Fire, Other and Student
Volunteer Injury Reporting Guidelines
Myers, Stevens and Toohey, Co, Inc. Claim Form
Carnival Forms, Agreements and Information

Property Insurance

Safety Training

Injury Illness and Prevention Program (IIPP)
IIPP, Injury & Illness Protection Program 2016
IIPP Code of Safe Practices
IIPP Monthly Safety Topics
IIPP Forms
Phase I – Pastors and Principals
Phase II – Appointed Safety Coordinators

Fire Extinguisher

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