Human Resources Office

Human Resources Office Hours:  Monday-Friday 8:30 AM-12:00 PM and 1:00 PM-5:00PM

Please call ahead to make an appointment with a Human Resources Representative at (408) 983-0149.

Our mission is to serve God and the people of God with respect, fairness and quality… One letter, one phone call, one task at a time.

The purpose of the Human Resources Office is to foster an environment of invitation, welcome, motivation, trust, safety, security, health, and well-being for all people who minister to the Church of San Jose. In keeping with the Pastoral Plan, we support lay ministry in our local Church. As we direct potential candidates for lay ministries, we are called to assess the readiness of potential candidates for employment in our schools, parishes, and other institutions under diocesan sponsorship.

We serve those who work for the church in all environments of the diocese — the Diocesan Offices, the parishes and schools, the cemeteries, and other special missions. In our ministry we serve all without distinction, honoring each individual’s role and sense of vocation. We recognize our particular responsibility to be a resource to the pastors, principals, and department heads in their efforts to lead and empower those who work with them in their mission. We strive to model the behaviors which support and empower others — to skillfully listen and honestly respond, to provide training and formation, to offer accurate information and technical assistance, and to provide support, resources, and advocacy in times of crisis.

We strive, too, to create and maintain consistent, comprehensive support systems, policies, and programs throughout the diocese which, in keeping with the Gospel message, value all persons and their ministerial gifts. We hold ourselves accountable to the expectations inherent in those systems, policies, and programs because we recognize our responsibility to model behaviors which are just and to which we must call others accountable. We anticipate that through the collaborative efforts of all people who work for the church, we can create a healthy, vibrant, professional work environment focused on the mission of the Gospel.

Through our own professionalism and sense of community, we wish to become a sign of the possibilities of the rewards of serving that mission. In this way we fulfill individually and cooperatively our own need to witness and serve the Church of San Jose. Our mission is to serve God and the people of God with respect, fairness and quality… One letter, one phone call, one task at a time.

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