To parishes and schools: Please notify Department of Catholic Schools and Diocese of San Jose Department of Facilities if your power is off, so we can monitor and report your status whether you plan to remain open or close. 

The Diocese will update this page as new information or guidance is available.  Please continue to reach out as questions arise. See contact information below.

For Schools:
For Parishes and other Diocesan buildings:

Special Announcement 

Resources in case of PG&E Power Outage

PG&E indicated that they may shut off power to the areas indicated in the map below. You can use the following link to check whether your specific address may be affected. 


Facilities, Insurance and Risk Management

Pacific Gas and Electric is sending notices to areas that may be affected by scheduled power outages due to severe weather and wind conditions.

See the announcement from Pacific Gas and Electric on how to prepare for power outages that may occur.

We encourage everyone to sign up for the PG&E alerts.

Tech Tip:  With the threat of rolling power outages, please be sure to frequently save your work, ideally to your O365 OneDrive folder.  In the event of a power outage, your Internet and your VOIP phones will also be out of service.  Once power is restored, your systems will slowly come back online.  If after 30 minutes after power is restored and your internet is still down feel free to give us a call for more trouble shooting steps.


PG&E Alert System

Here is the link and a photo of the information you will need in order to complete your alert.