Commuter Tax Benefits Program

The federal tax code allows employees to exclude up to $270 per month ($3,240 per year) in mass transit or vanpool costs from their taxable income. This means that you can save in taxes, depending on your tax bracket and your monthly fare. In addition to saving money, by commuting to work by transit or vanpool you can avoid traffic congestion and help to protect the environment.

You can also deduct up to an additional $270/month for costs incurred to park at your transit station or vanpool pick-up location.

Plan Highlights

•    Enrollment can occur at any time.
•    Employees can participate even if their commute varies daily.
•    Benefits do not lapse and may be used as long as an employee remains enrolled.
•    Reimbursement is easy, just complete reimbursement form, attach you commuter expense receipt and submit to DSJ Benefits Department by the 15th of the month for processing.

Enrollment and Reimbursement Forms below.