We recognize that education, for adults as well as children, is a primary means of fulfilling our commitment to spread the Gospel and to promote the dignity of the person and the building of community.

  1. Catholic Schools – The Catholic schools in the Diocese of San Jose serve 16,500 students, taught by over 1500 educators. Our 35 schools reach from Palo Alto to Gilroy and from the east foothills of San Jose to the cities of Saratoga and Cupertino.
  2. Institute for Leadership in Ministry – The Institute for Leadership in Ministry is a three-year program which provides a thorough formation in Catholic theology, education and training in leadership; and, pastoral ministry and spirituality.
  3. Catechetical Ministry – A Catechist’s vocation is to communicate the Gospel message and the teachings of the Church in a way that connects with the lives and experiences of adults, youth and children and moves them to develop a “living, conscious and active” faith.


We embrace the ministry of education in all its dimensions: knowledge of the faith, liturgy, moral formation, prayer, community life and mission. Through education and formation for ministry we seek to bring people into communion and intimacy with Jesus Christ, to build fellowship in the life of the Holy Spirit, to prepare our members to proclaim the Good News and to translate this proclamation into action. We recognize that, “the Christian vocation is a call to transform oneself and society with God’s help, the educational efforts of the Church must encompass the twin purposes of personal sanctification and social reform in light of Christian values.” (To Teach as Jesus Did, A Pastoral Message on Catholic Education, United States Catholic Bishops).


*Special Report finds that students who attend catholic high schools are more likely to graduate  and go to college.