Funds to be used for operating costs

SAN JOSE … January 21, 2015 … The reach is getting broader.

The Drexel School Initiative, in the Diocese of San Jose, is pleased to announce it has received a one million dollar grant from the Hilton Foundation.

“I offer my deep thanks to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation for its most generous gift in support of the Drexel Schools Initiative,” said the Diocese of San Jose’s Bishop Patrick J. McGrath. “Receipt of this grant is a wonderful affirmation of the new models of ‘blended learning’ and governance that have marked Drexel Schools since their inception.”

“There are two stellar aspects of the Drexel System that are particularly attractive and promising,” stated Sister Rosemarie Nassif, SSND, Program Director for Catholic Sisters and Catholic Schools at the Hilton Foundation.  “The first is that it leverages and addresses all four characteristics of high achieving Catholic schools: mission and Catholic identity, leadership and governance, academic excellence and operational vitality.  Secondly, it creates a true system that networks Catholic schools serving lower income families with those in more affluent communities who can learn from and share both assets and challenges.  As such, I believe it is a ‘pilot made in heaven’ for reinvigorating Catholic schools nationally.”

“This lends a touch of credibility, nationally and internationally, to what we’re doing in the Diocese of San Jose,” said Chuck Flores, Drexel Schools Director of Operations. “It allows us to shine a little brighter and deeper. We are excited for the future and this grant will allow us to continue working towards our goals. The Hilton Foundation recognizes that Drexel Schools are transformative in terms of Catholic education.”

There are seven schools in the Drexel Schools, now in its second year. Those schools are: Catholic Academy, Holy Spirit, Most Holy Trinity, Resurrection School, St. Clare, St. Patrick and St. Joseph Mountain View. The educational focus of Drexel is blended learning, which uses tools and practices to maximize the use of technology and advanced content to make the students’ learning experience more flexible, personalized and lasting. Drexel Schools use the station rotation model of blended learning, a combination of teacher-led and individualized instruction using digital content on an iPad.

Dr. Flores leads the operations team that consists of: Jennifer Baran, Director of Admissions; Jed de Torres, Instructional Learning Specialist; Matt Cordes, Program Administrator; and Winie Tunggono, Controller.

On its website, the Hilton Foundation said its “strategic initiatives involve partnering with grantees, generating new knowledge, giving voice to issues, and joining with others to achieve measureable impact.”

To learn more about the Drexel Schools, visit its new website at drexel.dsj.org.


About Drexel Schools
The Drexel School System (Drexel) is a new model for Catholic Elementary Schools that transforms Catholic education for the 21st Century. Drexel Schools ensure that Catholic education remains vital and accessible to all families while simultaneously increasing a strong Catholic Identity and delivering excellent academics.

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