This day, January 21, 2013, we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, in recognition of the birthday of one of America’s widely regarded advocate of nonviolence and one of the greatest leaders in history.

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15, 1929. He was the leader of the modern Civil Rights Movement from 1955 until 1968. Inspired by his Christian faith, Dr. King led a nonviolent movement in the late 1950’s and ‘60s to achieve legal equality for African-Americans in the United States.

Martin Luther King, Jr. used the power of words also  to act in campaigns against poverty and international conflict, always maintaining fidelity to his principles that men and women everywhere, regardless of color or creed, are equal members of the human family.

Dr. King’s words and teachings continue to inspire those who seek justice and service around the world.

Let us continue to remember and live on by his legacy as we become the next generations of voice for service and justice. We are therefore called to be the MLK’s of this time, seeking places where we are called by our brethren. Let us hear that call to advocate and affirm human life and dignity, and to spread the urgency to develop a constituency on social concerns.

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