It is with great joy that Bishop Oscar Cantú announces the new Director of Stewardship & Development for the Diocese of San José effective September 14, 2020.  This position will support the Office of the Bishop in his pastoral responsibility for the stewardship of the diocese, work closely and in partnership with parishes and schools, and directly oversee the Office of Stewardship & Development, with the immediate mandate to provide hands-on support needed by parishes facing financial constraints during this pandemic.

Carlos H. Proaño has over 26 years of experience in Catholic development, conducting stewardship and fundraising in multi-cultural parishes and dioceses through the United States. Carlos specializes in integrating and conducting diocesan and parish programs with diverse communities. Coming to us from southern California, he is bilingual/bicultural (Spanish and English, speaks some Portuguese). He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public and Social Science and a Jurist Doctorate degree. He lived in San José briefly while working in Bay Area parishes.  He has worked with small parishes raising $800,000 and with dioceses raising over $120,000,000.

In Mr. Proaño’s own words, “serving the Church has been my calling, and I am dedicated to using my experience in Catholic Development to create an environment of Stewardship amongst the parishes to better serve the financial needs of our Diocese of San José,” said Mr. Proano.  In Spanish, “Mi vocación es Servir en la Iglesia, y espero poder utilizar mi experiencia en Desarrollo Católico para apoyar y crear un ambiente de Solidaridad Cristiana en las parroquias y así servir de mejor manera las necesidades económicas de nuestra Diócesis de San José.”

Bishop Cantú added, “ I was impressed with Carlos’ resume and speaking with him in person I was even more impressed with his personal commitment to the Church and the breadth of his experience and knowledge of both stewardship and development.  He will be most valuable to the Diocese of San José in the long term, but especially immediately in providing hands-on assistance to our most vulnerable parishes and schools.”