Catholic LGBT Ministry Council

LGBT-PrayThe Body of Christ is all of us together. We may be gay, lesbian, straight, single, married or divorced. We may be an immigrant, documented or undocumented.  We may have special needs, addictions, or mental illness. We may be, in mourning, joyful or lonely, young or old, shy, or outgoing. We may be homeless, perhaps physically or spiritually. God’s love is for everyone.

The Church welcomes us all and is better when we all come to Mass – as we are, as God made us.

We have been reminded by Pope Francis to go out into the world to bring God’s love and welcome to everyone.


The Catholic LGBT Ministry Council of the Diocese of San Jose offers a monthly,  “All Are Welcome” Mass for LGBT Catholics, their families, friends, and all our brothers and sisters in Christ. This Mass is hosted each month by one of our diocesan parishes.

 Catholic LGBT Ministry Council

For “All Are Welcome” Masses To Be Announced.
Please Email:


All Welcome Mass at St. Julies- KPIX Story from Diocese of San Jose.

Past “All Are Welcome” Masses 

February – St. Julie Billiart
March – Our Lady of Guadalupe
July – Church of the Resurrection
August – St. Cyprian
September – Most Holy Trinity
October – St. Martin of Tours
November – St. John Vianney

Pastoral Guidelines

The Catholic LGBT Ministry Council provides support and resources to LGBT Catholics and to the ministries and parishes of the Diocese of San Jose

For more information, please contact:
Catholic LGBT Ministry Council
Phone: (408) 983-0298