December  2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

During Advent, we are preparing again for the celebration of the Birth of the Lord.  For us, this time of year is more than “the holiday season.” These December weeks help to put us in touch with the events surrounding the first coming of Jesus, the Messiah, even as we look to His Coming at the end of time. We are also reminded and encouraged to cherish the message of peace and joy as a foundation of our lives as Christians; we make our own the mission of Jesus as the Servant who brought good news to the poor.

The year that is ending has been momentous for the Church.  The election of Pope Francis has seen a renewal that invites Catholics and all believers to rediscover the essential gospel message of mercy, love and forgiveness.  Through the Church’s sacraments, each of us has access to the richness of the love that God has for us.

We wish you and your loved ones Advent and Christmas blessings.  May the Word Made Flesh bring peace to you and to all people of good will.



                                                          Patrick J. McGrath                                       Thomas A. Daly     
                                                          Bishop of San Jose                                   Auxiliary Bishop of San Jose