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I express my gratitude to the Holy Father, Pope Francis, for investigating and publishing this report to bring healing to the victims of former cardinal Theodore McCarrick and all who have suffered sexual abuse, abuse of power, and the mishandling of allegations. I am also grateful to the victims/survivors who bravely came forward to share their stories.

Let me, again, express my profound sorrow for anyone who has suffered sexual abuse and the family members and loved ones of victims/survivors who have also suffered as a result of these crimes. I want to strongly encourage any victim/survivor of improper conduct, either occurring historically or currently, at any diocesan institution, to come forward and report. Only by shining a light into every corner where abuse hides can we help survivors recover and heal our Church.

The Diocese of San Jose remains committed to preventing and reporting all sexual misconduct or abuse of a minor and ensuring a Safe Environment for all children and vulnerable adults across the Diocese.

I invite all the faithful to join me in praying for victims/survivors of abuse, that they may find comfort and healing as we continue to work towards justice and a commitment to end abuse of all forms.