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Director of Curriculum and Instruction (Drexel)

The Drexel School Curriculum and Instruction Specialist is the instructional leader of the school, and is responsible, in collaboration with the principal and Associate Superintendent of Drexel Schools, for the effective integration of the Drexel Instructional Methodology in grades K-8. He/she is the primary co-agent for cultivating site-level conversation about instructional data including the preparation of charts and graphs and the creation and administration of site-level professional developments around data-driven instruction. He/she is responsible for observing and evaluating teachers in partnership with the site administration, and is the primary driver for the advanced development of curriculum and instruction that aligns with the expectations of the Drexel School System. He/she is responsible for creating a positive atmosphere for all members of the school community (faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni and donors) and a climate that encourages a mindset of continuous school improvement. He/she is responsible for ensuring that the site complies with the instructional principles of the Drexel School System, including the use of Blended Learning and Station Rotation as the primary instructional modalities.

This position works across three Drexel School Sites, works in partnership with site principals and reports directly to the Associate Superintendent of Drexel Schools.

The responsibilities of the Director of Curriculum/Instruction (Drexel) include but are not limited to:

  • Supervising and supporting faculty, including observations and evaluations.
  • Providing instructional leadership within the school and creating an environment that speaks of the rigor expected in Drexel schools.
  • Providing leadership among faculty that creates an inviting, welcoming, learning that is focused on continuous school improvement and targeted student learning outcomes.
  • Creating and directing professional development for faculty that advances the academic goals of the school.
  • Supporting teachers in the completion of the ABL program and the implementation of Blended Learning and Station Rotation in the classroom.
  • Creating documents that drive dialogue around data, achievement, growth and instructional practice, including the creation of charts and analysis of multiple sources of data.
  • Other duties not explicitly noted that support and advance the academic mission of the system and school.

The Preferred Candidate for Curriculum/Instruction Specialist . . .

  • has prior experience as a Catholic, K-8 school principal or commensurate instructional leadership experience
  • has a minimum of 5 years of teaching experience, preferably in a Catholic, K-8 school
  • is a curriculum and technology visionary, adept at inspiring teachers in the pursuit of educational excellence
  • is experienced in the analysis of instructional data and has experience creating data-specific presentations and development plans
  • is a people-person, accomplished at building and maintaining positive relationships and has good interpersonal skills
  • is organized, positive and capable of generating a positive culture of continuous school improvement

How to Apply

Please submit cover letter and resume to Christina Dickson at: