The mission of the Diocese of San Jose, the Catholic Community of Santa Clara County, is to be a local Church that will inspire the people of this Valley to live the values taught by Jesus Christ, inspiring them to integrity and action.

A Vision for the Diocese of San Jose, The Catholic Community of Santa Clara County

Vision is first and most important as we fulfill our mission. Our vision is rooted in faith: Christ and Christ alone is at the center. That vision must rise out of faith and be different from any merely worldly vision. Christ guides all we do. His hope for the Kingdom is our vision.

We can be certain that if we live in faith, hope and true charity, the risen Lord will work in us, despite our many defects. The Lord will accomplish His purpose in the midst of our weaknesses, provided that we are truly humble and open.

We have designed a plan for putting our vision into action and fulfilling our mission. Our plan assesses our present situation and builds upon our many strengths. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can be architects of our future. The challenges we confront may, at times, seem overwhelming and even insurmountable; but each challenge is a rich opportunity for the Church.

Our plan is a means for gathering together the whole Diocese to embrace the hope and vision of the Church’s mission and to unleash the energies of new life into all aspects of our local Church.

As we strive more effectively to carry out our mission in the dynamic, ever-changing life of the Santa Clara Valley, let us do the following:

  • Let us be a Church unafraid to dream. Our Diocese is a microcosm of the new world in which a new world Church is struggling to be born.
  • We find ourselves on the cutting edge of this struggle. We cannot be content with the ways of the past. We have new challenges; we must use our imaginations in meeting them and we must not be afraid to take risks.
  • Let us be a Church that is in tune with the world around us, dealing with the real concerns of real people. We should not be answering questions that no one is asking.
  • Let us strive for solutions to these concerns. Let us be a Church that matters, making a real difference in people’s lives. We cannot be a Church concerned with trivia while the major issues of our lives and times go unaddressed.
  • Let us be an inclusive Church in which no one feels unwelcome or unwanted.
  • Let us be an evangelizing Church, reaching out to the young and to the old.
  • Let us be a witnessing Church — witnessing not a cause, not an ideology or an agenda, but witnessing the person and life of Jesus Christ.
  • Let us witness the poverty of Christ in a consumer society.
  • Let us witness the charity of Christ.
  • Let us witness the hope of Christ.
  • Let us show forth the face of Christ by being known for our compassion, forgiveness and love.
  • Let us be a Church in which all are servants.
  • Let us be a confident Church, a Church that is not gloomy and without joy. We should be able to laugh.
  • Let us be a community of disciples who seek to know the Lord and follow Him ever more closely. We are not perfect. We make mistakes, we ask for forgiveness, and we forgive one another.
  • Let us be a community of disciples that perseveres in the teaching of the apostles, in the breaking of the bread and in prayer.
  • Finally, let us be a Church that has priorities, a Church in which there is a priority of persons over things and of truth over expediency, and a Church where there is a priority of love over all else. And so, a Church in which we say that the greatest of all, of everything, is love.