• Catechetical & Faith Formation
  • Campbell, CA
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GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Responsible for parish programs and processes designed to lead the adults, children and youth of the faith community to maturity of faith through instruction and formation in the Christian life.

Planning Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement long and short-term goals and objectives for the areas of responsibility under the supervision of the Pastor.
  • In cooperation with the Pastor, evaluate catechetical programs in areas of responsibility at regular intervals.
  • Coordinate and provide ministry through online tools when necessary.

Program Responsibilities

  • Coordinate and/or oversee all components of the parish catechetical ministry program – adults, youth, children and families.
  • Plan and develop curriculum for parish catechetical ministry programs.
  • Select materials, promote and provide adult faith formation.
  • Coordinate and oversee Christian Initiation of adults and children and sacramental preparation for all ages.
  • Assist in planning sacramental celebrations.
  • Provide opportunities for family faith formation.
  • Recruit, select, provide initial training, supervise and evaluate catechists in the areas of responsibility.
  • Encourage the spiritual and professional development of catechists.
  • Assist coordinators and catechists as needed.
  • Assist in the review and selection of catechetical texts.
  • Follow diocesan guidelines.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Prepare and monitor the catechetical ministry budget.
  • Supervise the collection of fees and purchase of catechetical materials.
  • Supervise the maintenance of records: permanent records, sacramental records, catechist records, and emergency information.
  • Aware of legal issues related to catechetical ministry and follow the law regarding child abuse.


  • Maintain appropriate internal and external communications.
  • Communicate regularly with the Pastor and pastoral staff, attend staff meetings and collaborate in appropriate catechetical/parish projects.
  • Communicate regularly with catechists, encouraging them, assisting them, and supporting their development and certification.
  • Communicate with parents regularly and promote their active involvement.
  • Act as liaison between the parish catechetical program, youth ministry, the catechumenate and the Catholic School.
  • Participate in diocesan catechetical meetings as appropriate.
  • Promote the participation of catechists in Diocesan and other opportunities for training and formation.

Personal and Professional Development

  • Maintain Master Catechist Certification.
  • Participate in opportunities for continuing professional and spiritual development.
  • Fluent in English and Spanish.

QUALIFICATIONS: This position requires a good understanding of Scripture, theology, catechesis, program development, coordination and professional relationships. This position also requires the ability to provide training and ongoing support of catechists. Qualifications include a Bachelor’s Degree in course of study related to catechetics, religious education, theology, pastoral ministry or equivalent, current Master Catechist Certification and three to five years of experience as a Catechetical Coordinator. Persons who do not meet the preferred qualifications above are expected to work toward becoming fully qualified with the assistance and consideration of the parish.

How to Apply: Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to raymond.langford@dsj.org

Salary Range: $21.68 – $31.44 per hour based on education and experience.