The Maintenance at Our Lady of Guadalupe serves in a way that is consistent with the vision and mission of the parish. He or she is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the parish buildings and the surrounding grounds.

Job Responsibilities and Duties:

1. Opens the facilities: gate, and church at 7am Wednesday – Sunday.

2. Inspects lighting system for proper operation, replace busted fluorescent tubes, defective ballasts and incandescent bulbs.

3. Checks all exit signs and emergency lights for proper operation. Exit lights should always be lit 24 hours a day.

4. Checks church buildings structure for any defects and repair immediately if minor work is needed. Otherwise, promptly report any issue to supervisor.

5. Maintains church landscape two times a week: blowing, mowing, plants watering, tree pruning and cutting, fertilizing, planting and leaf removal.

6. Keeps the facilities ground clean everyday: collects and removes litter from the grounds on a daily basis, empties garbage cans.

7. Inspects and cleans walls for graffiti and markings.

8. Cleaning of office, CCD office, Portable Classrooms, Hall and Rectory once a week as scheduled.

9. Inspects and cleans church and classrooms bathrooms on a daily basis.

10. Empties and cleans candle stand; refill the candle boxes in offering locations and storage locations.

11. Performs Candle Inventory and report to management if there is a need to order more candles.

12. Monitors and requests janitorial supplies to replenish supplies in the janitorial closet room.

13. Monitors programming of all lights within the facilities, making sure that lights are working properly, reports to supervisor any need for repairs.

14. Ability to use equipment, commercial vacuums, floor buffers and carpet cleaners.

15. Performs other duties as assigned.


Basic Skills and Requirements

Demonstrated skill in carpentry work, plumbing, electrical and landscaping.

Able to lift up to 50 lbs. and climb high ladders.

Must be safety cautious at all times.

Ability to collaborate and coordinate with church volunteers on special maintenance projects.

Bilingual (English and Spanish) required.


To Apply: Please send your resume to Socorro Cruz :