Quo Vadis


Prayer + Brotherhood + Adventure!

A camp for young Catholic men to deepen their faith, learn more about all vocations, and better discern God’s call in their lives

There’s still room at the June Quo Vadis Camp!

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Quo Vadis Retreat 1 (closed)

April 19 – 22, 2017

for current 11 – 12th grade boys

Quo Vadis Retreat 2

June 26 – 28, 2017

For incoming 9th – just graduated 12th grade boys
St. Patrick’s Seminary, Menlo Park



To assist you in the sign up process, download the printable information sheet, which includes FAQ, Recommended Registration Timeline, and Checklist: Quo Vadis 2017 Info Sheet

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What is Quo Vadis?

“Quo Vadis” is the Latin phrase for “Where are you going?”

The Quo Vadis Retreats offer guidance and time in prayer, as well as classic camp activities like sports, hiking and great food.  You will have the chance to meet and hang out with diocesan seminarians, who serve as group leaders and help run the retreat.

Retreats include:

  • Mass & Prayer
  • Sports & Games
  • Talks & Small group discussions
  • Food & Friendship
  • Q&A with seminarians and priests

Is this retreat for me?

  • Are you a Catholic young man in 8th – 12th grade?
  • Are you open to following Jesus Christ and interested in what that might mean for your own life’s plan?
  • Are you willing to spend a few days with other young men, seminarians, and priests, playing games, eating great food, and growing deeper in your faith?

If you answered yes to all 3, then we invite you to sign up!

Note: this retreat is NOT meant to force you to become a priest (or into any other vocation)!  Only God knows right now what vocation will bring you the greatest joy, and we’re all here to help you discover that!

“Even if you don’t become a priest, you can still grow in holiness from attending Quo Vadis. Everyone needs this.” – Samuel, Arlington Quo Vadis Camper

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Who is invited?

Catholic High School young men in the Bay Area – this Quo Vadis Retreat is organized by the Diocese of San Jose Vocations Office, partnering with the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

How much does it cost?

$50.    Assistance is available – contact the Vocations Office for more info – vocations@dsj.org

How do I sign up?

To assist you in the sign up process, download the printable information sheet, which includes FAQ, Recommended Registration Timeline, and Checklist: Quo Vadis 2017 Info Sheet


1. RSVP ONLINEYoung Men: RSVP online here – RSVP

2. PRINT & COMPLETE DOCUMENTS: After completeding the RSVP online, print out a hard copy of the the following documents. Ask your parents/guardian to help you complete them.

Document 1: Medical Info/Waiver Form (2 pages):
Medical/Waiver Form for Quo Vadis (June)

Document 2: Code of Behavior Form (1 page):
Code of Behavior Form for Quo Vadis (June)

3. MAIL: Mail in the completed Medical Info/Waiver Form (2 pages) and Code of Behavior (1 page), and the $50 registration fee to the Diocese of San Jose Vocations Office.

If you’d like to apply for a need-based scholarship, email Fr. Joe Kim at vocations@dsj.org

Mail forms and fee (please pay by check) to:
Diocese of San Jose Vocations Office
1150 North First Street, Ste 100
San Jose, CA 95112

Checks ($50) Payable to:
Diocese of San Jose Vocations Office
Memo: “Quo Vadis Retreat [name of
teen & retreat date]”

4. GET READYYoung Men and Parents/Guardian: Look for welcome emails from the Vocations Office with information about what to bring, info about our seminarian leaders, and more!

Got More Questions?

Contact Cecilia Kohlrust, Coordinator of Vocations and Fr. Joe Kim, Vocations Director by emailing vocations@dsj.org

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Quo Vadis Retreats in the US

Quo Vadis Retreats are led in many dioceses across the US, giving young men the opportunity to discern God’s plan for their lives and grow in their relationship with Christ. Learn more at http://qvdays.org/

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I have teen boys in my ministry that I think would love attending Quo Vadis.  What should I do?

Please invite them!  Hand him a Quo Vadis 2017 Flyer & Info Sheet, letting him know why you want to encourage him to attend.  See this page for some tips on extending an invitation.

I work with a great Catholic young man who is excited to follow Jesus, but I don’t want to push him to become a priest.  Is this retreat for young Catholic men called to other vocations, too?

Yes!  This retreat will discuss all vocations available to them.  If you have a young teenage man that is a great leader at your parish, consider inviting him to attend, not just for his own sake, but so that he can be a resource for his friends discerning their vocations.

What are some other easy ways I can help?

Check that the Quo Vadis retreats are being advertised in your bulletin and Mass announcements.  If not, see below for promotional material.

Don’t know any boys that should attend?  Start praying for them to come out of the woodwork!  As Pope Francis said, “Behind and before every vocation to the priesthood or to the consecrated life there is always the strong and intense prayer of someone: a grandmother, a grandfather, a mother, a father, a community.”


Want more resources on vocations? 

Check out our Vocations Resource Page.  Don’t forget to invite parishioners, teens, and families to our other events, like the REVS vs. SEMS Basketball Challenge and 40 Hours Adoration for Vocations!

If you have any questions or ideas on how we can serve you better, please feel free to email us at vocations[at]dsj.org.



Bulletin Announcement:


Attention all Catholic young men ages 14-18! Do you know where your life is going? The Lord Jesus has a great plan for you! You are invited to attend the 2017 Quo Vadis Retreat to hang out with other young men your age looking at the Lord’s call in your life while having fun. The retreat is led by priests and seminarians, and will include prayer, sports, discussions, hiking, and talks.

The Quo Vadis Retreat is for incoming 8th grade to outgoing high school senior men June 26 – 28 at St. Patrick’s Seminary. Total cost is $50 (scholarships available). If you are interested, please contact our pastor or Fr. Joe Kim, Vocations Director. More info at www.dsj.org/QuoVadis

If you know a young man who might enjoy the camp, invite him to take a look!

Pulpit Announcement:

Catholic young men ages 14-18 are invited to explore the Lord’s call in your life at the 2017 Quo Vadis Retreat. This camp includes prayer, sports, talks, and more, helping you to know Jesus more deeply and have fun with other young men, priests, and seminarians. The Quo Vadis camp in June is for young men that are incoming 9th graders to graduated high school seniors.  To learn more, contact our pastor, go to dsj.org/QuoVadis, or see our bulletin.


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