Protecting God’s Children

Ministry of Protection: Mission Statement

The Office for the Protection of Children & Vulnerable Adults (OPCVA) is committed to fostering healthy relationship by means of educating, training, and screening all adults who have regular access to children, youth and vulnerable adults within the Diocese of San Jose for the purpose of preventing harm.

To report suspected child or elderly abuse in your parish, school or in the Diocese of San Jose, please follow the instructions on our “ethical reporter” page for instructions on how to file a formal report with authorities. For all other concerns or inquires, please contact the Office for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults (OPCVA) at 408-983-0113. Please feel free to contact us via email as well at

Announcement: In anticipation of our holiday season events, this is a friendly reminder to please schedule your Safe Environment trainings as soon as possible for your volunteers.  We want to help ensure that everyone can participate in the holiday fun! Thank you, OPCVA.

Safe Environment “Live Training” Workshop Schedule:


7     @ 2:30pm – Cristo Rey San Jose – Teen Leadership Workshop [Exclusive for Cristo Rey Students]
10   @ 6:00pm – St. Lawrence the Martyr – Teen Leadership Workshop [Open to All DSJ Parishes and Schools]
16   @ 7:00pm – St. Lawrence the Martyr  – Adult Volunteer Safe Environment Training
17   @ 10:00am – St. Francis of Assisi – Teen Leadership Workshop [Exclusive for the site]

26 @ 7:30am – St. Francis High School – CSEC 
27 @ 8:30am – St. Francis High School – CSEC 

2 @ 8:00am – Bellarmine Preparatory College – CSEC
 2 @ 11:00am – Presentation High School – CSEC
 3 @ 6:30pm – St. John the Baptist Parish – CSEC
 5 @ 9:30am – St. John the Baptist Parish – CSEC 
 26 @ 12:30pm – St. Maria Goretti Parish – CSEC

7 @ 6:00pm – St. Joseph Mountain View – CSEC
10 @ 12:30pm – St. Maria Goretti Parish – CSEC 
24 @ 8:30am – St. Maria Goretti Parish – CSEC 
25 @ 10:30am – St. Maria Goretti Parish – CSEC 
25 @ 7:00pm – St. Maria Goretti Parish – CSEC 
27 @ 4:00pm – St. Maria Goretti Parish – CSEC 
27 @ 7:00pm – St. Maria Goretti Parish – CSEC 
 28 @ 4:00pm – St. Maria Goretti Parish – CSEC 
 29 @ 4:00pm – St. Maria Goretti Parish – CSEC 

1 @ 6:30pm – Queen of Apostles – CSEC / Teen Leadership Workshop 
2 @ 7:15pm – St. Victor Parish – CSEC 
4 @ 5:15pm – St. Frances Cabrini – CSEC 

2 @ 3:30pm – St. Victor Parish – CSEC
5 @ 9:15am – St. Victor Parish – CSEC


9 @ 6:15pm – St. Julie Billiart – Teen Leadership Workshop 
11 @ 6:00pm – St. Julie Billiart – CSEC
17 @ 9:30am – St. Joseph Mountain View – CSEC 
17 @ 11:15am – St. Joseph Mountain View – CSEC

2 @ 3:30pm – St. Elizabeth Parish – CSEC 
 3 @ 3:30pm – St. Elizabeth Parish – CSEC
4 @ 4:00pm – St. Elizabeth Parish – CSEC
 13 @ 2:30pm – St. Elizabeth Parish – CSEC  


*CSEC stands for Catholic Safe Environment Curriculum

Adult Training: To take a Safe Environment training course online, please go to

Dear Friends,

I write to you who are survivors of sexual abuse by clergy or any other employee or volunteer in the Church.  I write to apologize for the pain and humiliation that you have wrongfully suffered, and to assure you that we cannot and will not lessen our efforts to address past abuse and to prevent abuse now and in the future.

In June of 2002, when I joined with the bishops of the United States in adopting the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, we pledged to do everything we could to ensure that all children entrusted to our care would be kept safe.  We have reaffirmed this commitment as recently as June 2012.

We continue to address the horror of sexual abuse of children, young people and vulnerable adults in our efforts to provide a “safe environment” in which all are protected and safe.  We do so in screening, education and in the training that we offer to our employees, volunteers and parents and to all of the young who participate in our schools and religious education programs.  No one should ever have their trust betrayed by the very ones whose responsibility it is to protect them.

We are also committed to offering support to you in the hope that this may lead to healing.  If there is any way that you believe that we can assist you, please contact the director of the Office for the Protection of Children at 408-983-0113.

With every best wish and kind regard, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Patrick J. McGrath
Bishop of San Jose

Contact Information:

Anthony D. Gonzalez, Director, OPCVA
Direct Phone: (408) 983 – 0113
Hotline: (408) 983 – 0141
Fax: (408) 983 – 0147

Linda Tully, Office Manager
Direct Phone: (408) 983-0144
Fax: (408) 983-0242

Ricky Ferrer, Safe Environment Coordinator

Griselda Cervantez, Victim Assistance Coordinator