2015 Diocese of San Jose Benefits

Visit RetaTrust at, log-on to your account and make your 2015 benefit selection.    

Benefit Kit


Visit RetaTrust at, log-on to your account and make your 2015 benefit selection.                   

New Providers Effective July 1, 2015

Envision Rx

– New prescription plan for Anthem EPO & PPO members.
– (Envision Rx will be replacing Optum Rx)

Lincoln Life Insurance

– New Provider for the Basic Life, AD&D, Long Term Disability, Voluntary Life and AD&D plans.
– (Lincoln will be replacing Humana Insurance)

The elections made during the Annual Open Enrollment will be effective July 1, 2015.  Subsequent to July 1, 2015, you will NOT be permitted to make any changes to your benefit elections until the next Annual Open Enrollment in May 2016, unless you have a Qualified Life Event Change as defined by the IRS Section 125 Guidelines.

Mark you calendar: May 13th at The Chancery from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm
Benefits and Wellness Information Day

• All Benefit related information will be distributed through DSJ email only accounts, Diocesan newsletters and other DSJ approved means of communication.

• Please access your DSJ email for your benefit information. If you need assistance please contact IT 408-983-0165

Reta Trust 24 hour – 7 Day Customer Support Service
• Personal Assistance call: 1-877-303-7382 (English & Spanish)
• Email:
• On-Line Benefits Website:

Benefit Vendor Contact Information
Reta Trust - Trustor

RetaTrust – BAS 1-877-303-7382

– Enrollment Process                                             – Password & Username
– Benefit Election Assistance                               – Misc. questions: Medical, Dental, and Vision

WebMD Support

WebMD Support

* Enrollment Process             * Password & Username

Anthem Blue Cross

* Order New Cards                   * Coverage detail B.C.

PPO Group#1841K, B.C.
EPO Group #1724V, B.C.
HSA Medical Group # 1850

H.S.A. On-Line Contact, ACS Mellon 866-354-0244


* Order New Cards       * Coverage detail

Group #8441 – Kaiser EPO Medical | Kaiser Vision | Kaiser Prescription

* Order New Cards           * Coverage detail

Delta PPO Group #15887

VSP Vision

Group #12223099

* Order New Cards            * Coverage detail

Kaiser Vision

EPO Plan Group #8441

* Order New Cards             * Coverage detail

Prescription Plans
Envision Rx Prescription - Non-HSA Plan
Envision Rx

Non-HSA Plans Group #2023

Anthem Rx Prescription for HSA Plans only
 Envision Rx,
HSA Plans Only
Group #1850 DA-DM

KAISER Rx Prescription
Retirements Plans
Diocesan Pension - Pension Services Division
Nicolay Pension Services
1-800-867-0780 X223
Important Notification from Nicolay Pension Services in partnership with Diocese of San Jose
2013 Pension Statement Notification

403 (B) Savings Plan

E.B.S. Office – 408-978-1000

403(B) Retirement Savings Plan Salary Reduction Agreement 2016


Other Employee Plans

Flex Spending
 8BAS 1-877-303-7382

Employee Assistance Programs
Lincoln Life Insurance,  844-852-7437
Life, AD&D, LTD
Group # 636094-1
Critical Illness and Accident
Employee Assistance Program Life Keys
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