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ILM LogoThe Institute for Leadership in Ministry is a three-year program which provides formation in Catholic theology, pastoral ministry and spirituality; and education and training in leadership. Our goal is to prepare competent ministerial leaders to serve throughout the Diocese of San Jose.

Please see the Admissions Page for more information on the process for 2017-2018 academic year.

2016 ILM Graduation Photo Gallery

2015 ILM Graduation Photo Gallery

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Here are some qualities of the ideal candidate:

  1. a call to the ministry of leadership within the Catholic community
  2. demonstrated or potential leadership ability
  3. current participation in pastoral ministry
  4. prior formation in the faith
  5. willingness to commit to 10-12 hours per month for classes
  6. ability to complete the reading and writing assignments
  7. ability to devote additional hours outside of class for assignments.